USPS Change of Address | USPS Mail Forwarding

By | April 25, 2021

USPS Change of Address – Hi! If you are user of USPS want to change your USPS Mail Forwarding, USPS Address Changed. If you want to know how USPS change of Address, Please keep reading.USPS Provide a facility to USPS change of  address. it is most important for US citizen. Most of people change their location for many reason, then USPS offers a facility that you can change your current address and move to new address.

United State postal service is national mail service which provide best service regarding your sending mail and packages.  So Before changing the address, It’s necessary to inform to your local post office or through online, visit USPS national carrier mail service plays a very important role for US citizen.

USPS change of Address | USPS Mail Forwarding

USPS Change of Address Details Information

If you want to move your location, then you will be worried about the mail and how to USPS address change, USPS Change of Address because all mail has received your location that are currently situated at. But before moving to new address, you need to set out few things like mailing address. You will have to change your mailing address so that all your mail can be transferred in your currently location.

But there are some option by which you can forwarding option meaning that you can change your mailing address. Many people ask these question, is it possible to change mailing address.  If you are facing this type of problem. Please read this article briefly. Don’t worry guys! I tell you forward option of mailing address that would help you to change your mailing address. So please have a look some option that is given below. Check more – USPS Hold Mail ServiceDoes USPS Delivers on Sunday and Saturday each and every details find out here. Find step by step information about USPS Change of Address.

USPS Mail Forwarding Step by Step Guide

Change of address USPS is a time taking process and in most of the cases, it is activated within 14 days. You need to make sure that you have sufficient time before you file it. Because processing takes some time and you can’t expect to get your mails forwarded within days. Doing it online is the best way to change the address.

Mail is only forwarded by the USPS for a couple of weeks, so if you are expecting something and it never arrives then you should definitely call and cover your bases. Start by updating your address with the United States Postal Service. The USPS keeps a record of your old address and will automatically forward mail to your new address for six months.

Do you know Guys!  USPS and mail forwarding is two different situation but they are related to each other.  So  Don’t Get confused? Let us explain it to you by giving the definition and the process of these two different services. All Name Change Service of USPS find out here.

USPS Mail Forwarding Option

You have two option regarding with USPS mail forwarding, please read all option carefully. You can change your address temporary basis.

USPS Change Address in Temporary basis:

In temporary basis, you have a time for 15 days. You have to track your changing address in 15 days. All the mails will be forwarded at your new address by Government which you mentioned in the form during request. The maximum time for temporary Change of Address is 365 days.

USPS Change Address in Permanent basis:

On permanent basis, all your mail will be forwarded to you during certain amount of time. so  forwarding time limits of standard mail class can be seen on official site of USPS that is You have a choice that you can choose above two option. But I suggest, please choose permanent basis.

When you are changing your address, you have get three option. You can choose any option. It depends on your preference. These option is available for   Family, individual and Business. But there are some condition that are given below. You have to follow these condition.

USPS Address Change, US Post Office Change of Address

If you want to move with your family and all your family members have same last name then you can choose Family option and your family members have different last name then you have a choice to fill out the form using “Individual” option for each of your family member.

If all family members have same last name but some of them are staying and some of them are moving then still you need to fill the form using Individual option for each of them who are moving. So Please chose one of them according to your preference.

USPS provides a service in which you can make changing your address to using few guidelines. When you will move, then your mail will forwarded to your new address.

The Postal Service will take charge a $1 identity verification fee to change your address online or over the phone, and nothing if you go a local post office and fill out a hard-copy form. It is very tiring because it takes a long time. USPS successfully processes about 15 million online changes of address per year.

How to change your USPS Address

There are various way to change the address. To change the address, you need to contact different senders. In following step, you will get to know how to change USPS change address , and how to notify social security Admiration, changing Address for IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and some other government agencies, personal contact and business contact etc. Please follow the guidelines.

Change your USPS Address Online

You can change your address online. You can go official site of USPS and click the change of address link. Changing the address, it will be cost $1. This is the preferred method for speed and convenience. Changing the address through online, you have to follow these steps:

Changing the address you have to read Privacy Act statement or items and condition before click, after reading all statement, you can click it. After clicking the continue option, another page will be open and it will show you on the top of that page and will be asked that “Is this move permanent or temporary?  You can select any one of those options. In any case you need help while choosing these options you can click on the “Help” option on the top right.

When you want USPS to start forwarding your mail to new address then select the first option, it will ask you “when should we forward your mail”. Please enter the start date. And then it will appear a small window that will ask “what type of move is this” and then you can click on continue.

A new page will open, Enter your full name and contact information there. Then enter your old address and new address in the blank fields and click on continue. After that it will ask you verifying your identity through your date of birth, phone number, email Id and other useful information. You will have to provide your identity for verification purpose. After identifying your identity, it will ask to select payment method, it cost will be $1.  you have a option that you can choose  any special offer  if you want. it is available in your new address, please click there. At last, a new page will open about confirm order. Check all the details and proceed.

So there are things that you should do and will have to provide if you want to change your address through online. These are your email address must end in .gov or .mil if you are moving from a military address. You will have to proper identity for verification. You can payment master card, visa and American express. These are three things that you will have to remember for changing address online.

USPS Change Address through Post office

You can change your address by going yourself to nearest post office. You can submit your query but for this you have follow few guidelines. These are: Pick up PS Form 3575 and fill out the required options. for this you have to fill your full name, your old address, new address, contact information, whether you are moving permanently or temporarily, USPS forward mail start date and other important things.

USPS provide a facility to receive catalogs or magazine subscriptions at your new address. You can hand over this to the post master or can put it into the mailbox after completing the form.

If you  are moving short period of time means you have a temporary move then you can choose temporary move then all mail will be forwarded at your place up to 6 months and then you need to fill that form again. So guys! You would not have to pay for submit your query. International address are necessary for  US Post office change of Address

Change USPS Request by Telephone

Request by Telephone:  you can request your change address over the phone. You can call 1-800-275-8777.  A $1 verification fee will be charged to your credit card. Change Address by telephone is very easy process and it is very convenient, You have to just dial 1-800-275-8777 and talk to customer care.

Change USPS Address by Mobile Apps

USPS provides changing address service through Android app, you can change through app, For this you have to download USPS app on your mobile through play store. USPS provides users to best service by apps. You have to Just download and install in your smartphone, this app will work in best way.

Notify Social Security Admiration (SSA)

Social security change of address process helps you to change the address. For doing this you have to do following. You have to determine whether you receive profit or not from SSA. For this you must receive one of the following things: These are

  • Retirement
  • Medicare
  • Social Security Income
  • Survivors benefits

You can request to change the address if you get or receive any one of these profit from SSA.

Change your address at social security office

If you want to change your address, you can go social security office. This is another way to change the address and it is the best way to change the address.

You can say security officer, sir I want to change my address because I have to move another city/country. If you want to receive the government benefits continuously then Please contact them personally. If you want to know about the nearest office you can go to their website and enter your new zip code. At the office the representative can help you to do so and for this just give him/her the details and you are done.

Change your address online

You can change your address online. You can go official website and change your address by following some guidelines. For this you will have to logging in to your account and give personal information and then change the address.

Change your Address for Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

It will help you to changing the address in effective ways. Positive Standing with internal revenue Service: It is very important service that tells the IRS to your confirm address and where are you living at.

  1. Submit a written statement: You can submit written statement and send and take a print out of it and fill out the required information like your full name, your old address, new address and Social Security Number (SSN) etc. Fill these type of information with your signature
  2. Write your new Address when filling for Tax return: when you are filling information to return your tax, please update your new address. So that you can update your whole information on paper.
  3. Contact them on their Phone number: – You can also contact them over phone. if you have a desire that mail is not sent SSN then it is better option for you. For this find the phone number of your nearest office and before calling. They make sure you have complete information like your full name, your SSN, date of birth and address. Call them and ask them to update your information.

Change your address with some other Government Agencies:

Internal revenue Service (IRS): You can contact the IRS to change your address. If you are thinking to get tax refund or other mail.  With the help of RSI You may  change your  current address by writing your new address in the appropriate boxes on your tax return when you file.

Social Security Administration(SSA): Change your address online using your my social security account if you receive Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability benefits or are enrolled in Medicare. If you don’t receive Social Security benefits or Medicare, contact the SSA.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): You can contact the Veterans Affairs if you are a veterans who receive benefits payments or you wish to update your records

U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS): Please contact if you are a non U.S citizen who is required to register your address.

State Motor vehicle Agencies: Please contact your state to change your address on your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration.

State Election offices :  Please contact your state election office to change your address on your voter registration record.

Write a letter for change an Address

It is very necessary to write a letter for change address, you have to remember to alert all your business and personal contacts along with any government organizations you interact with regarding your new address. I have already talked about contacting the government agencies so now it is the turn for personal and business contacts. For this you have to prepare before leaving the place.

Firstly you have to prepare a list of your all contacts and divide it into two parts Personal and Business. Write your letter in such a way that it’s appropriate for a variety of different businesses and people. for changing address, you have to write on mail, sender’s name, the former address, the new address, and any other contact related information including phone number and email address. Add your account number if you’re sending a letter to credit card company or bank.

Keep the overall tone of the letter formal and get straight to the point. If you want to change your address then it is very important to about new address. There are many ways that you can contact with him.

You can call them and tell the new address or you can mail their mail ID. It is also better option. But best way that I always think that please write an invitation letter, by which you can tell them your new address.

If you are very close to your friends and family then there is no need to send formal mail or letter to them, you can send post cards to them. if you are not close to them then write a letter informing them your updated information. It is also necessary inform your professional contacts about your address change.

You can send them a mass email in a professional manner. If you run a business and you have clients then it is important to inform them also. So for this you can print some post cards and send it to them. Try not to send any hand written letter to them if you are not close to them.

If you want to deal with bank then you have to inform about the address change like post office change of address process.  Most of the utility and credit cards bills have blank space to fill in the new address, for this look at the back side of the bills and don’t forget to select the option on the front noting that you want to change your address.

If you are leaving the place before next bill then you should contact to your utility company or Credit Card Company. You can also search about it online.  You can also notify your new address to your family doctor. You can inform through phone call.

Change of Address Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation mail, letter or toolkit (depends on your submitting your request) after submitting a changing address request.

If you submit request online through USPS site, US postal service change of Address provide a confirmation code or mail. If you are at new address, then you will receive a coupons and offers as a welcome kit. The postal service will send you a confirmation letter to your new address.

If  you didn’t receive any confirmation then USPS will not send any duplicate information letter. For more inquiry,  you can call on customer services 1-800-275-8777.

View, Update or Cancel change of USPS Address order:

if you are moving your place to another place, and want to update and view or cancel your address, please visit the official site of USPS that is, and click the tool “” then you redirect a page. For using this tool please follow step that given below here

  1. Visit the “” page by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Enter you Confirmation Code.
  3. Enter New ZIP Code.
  4. Click on Submit

After that you will get a confirmation code in your  email id that you have entered then you have to print out that confirmation code. If you didn’t get any confirmation code please visit to your local post office and call to customer office and tell them to your problem.

you can update some of the following things, After submitting the Confirmation Code and the New ZIP Code,

  • You have to add an email address to receive reminders of mail forwarding expiration dates.
  • Change the USPS mail Forwarding start and end date (You may change the end date only if you had filed the temporary move).
  • Update your contact number.
  • Switch from the temporary move to permanent.
  • Switch from family move to individual.
  • Cancel your order.
  • If you want to edit any information which is not allowed, then you have to cancel your order and file a new one

Types of USPS Mail forwarding

According to mail forward, USPS provides two types of mail forwarding service which is regular service and Premium forward services.

Regular Forward services

USPS provide service on regular basis, it will forward your mail package to your new address when you are locating to new address for short a while or for many days. I have suggest you to some point which explain you how it work

If you are moving or settling permanently then you should use regular Forward mail because it gives you conveniences. If you are going anywhere for short period of time, you can also use this service.

In US all USPS customer use such type of service. This service is validate minimum 15 day to maximum 1 year. You can extend forward mail services for six more months after first six months. If you want to use this service online then you will have to pay charged $1.00, Then you will receive a welcome kit coupons from United state postal service.

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Difference Between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

Premium Forwarding Services

USPS Provides a premium service in which you can hold your mail or package to your new address. Your mail will be delivered on Priority Mail service.

USPS customers can use this service for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 year. Read the points below to know how it works. it will be charged $19.35 for each week of service. You will get the tracking numbers of each shipment through email notifications to your USPS account. Every First-Class Mail items will be sent to you separately at no extra cost

Inform to your contact about change Address

If you have moved, then it is necessary to inform your local contract so that they all can get aware of your new contact. You can inform all of you send a email. It could be government authorities, your friends, business college etc. if you don’t want to send mail then you can write a letter, or call them if they are very close to you. But, in most of the cases, the letter will work best. So, what you should do is make a list of all those who send you mail. Let’s find out the list of personal and business contacts who should be aware of your new address:

You can inform your family members and your friends by writing a mail or call them or sending a mail. It is good for touch your friends and family.  You can send them a mass email containing all the information about your new address and move. If you are giving any party, then inform them by writing about the move on the invitation card. You can inform by sending a post cards. Post card is very better option nowdays.

It will avoid you handwritten letters. There is another way is that you can inform by newspaper or magazines because magazine is read by citizens of USA.   You have to also inform about your changing address in bank or credit unions. you can change your address in bank and credit unions by online. Please inform IRS about your changing address. There is another way of doing that you can submitting a written statement. Take a print out of the form and fill the required details along with the Social Security Number (SSN). You should inform your personal dentist, physician, or any specialist.  you can tell them update any information.

There are many way to make the COA procedure easier and faster, You should keep small things in your mind.

You should aware about this change of address, for this you can write a letter or email or call them. It is depends on You. Perhaps, You can inform your contact two week before your move. Please provide complete information on online registering or any post office with proper city name and Zip code. You can include all other attribute to change your address.

Conclusion and Review

USPS Provide a facility to change a address. it is most important for US citizen. Most of people change their location for many reason, then USPS offers a facility that you can change your current address and move to new address.

United State postal service is national mail service which provide best service regarding your sending mail and packages. Most of people in United States change our location each year? So this create a tremendous challenge for the postal service, which strives to maintain a high-quality repository of current addresses. So it is very important to change the address move to another country. You can request for changing address at local post office using hard copy or online follow various option of mail forwarding.

So, above is all details information about USPS Tracking Portal information find out here.

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