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By | April 25, 2021

US Post Office Delivery Timing – If you are searching for USPS Post office delivery timings, USPS Post Office Service Hour find out here. USPS Stands for United State Postal Service, US Mail. It is independent agency that provide services to delivering mails. Today, We are sharing US Post Office Service Hours find out here.

It offers various postal services in US where Benjamin Franklin is known as the first postmaster General in U.S. Mail service in US stated in 1775 and delivered mail services and its journey started.  Benjamin Franklin started post office department in 1792. A big journey of post office stated since 1792.

Benjamin Franklin played an important role for create Post office department. Since 1971 this mail agency has transformed into United States Postal and then it comes existence.  This Postal Service is currently implementing throughout in mail and delivery processing. USPS Postal Service offers to deliver record high levels of service to customers. US Post Office Delivery Timing, USPS Service Hours, USPS Post Office Delivery timing find out here. Check More USPS Tracking Portal information from here.

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USPS offers various service regarding Users need. If you want that USPS deliver your package mail or place an order, then you can visit your nearest post office but before visit to post office you should know about Post office opening and closing time because it saves your time. You can directly search on USPS site where you can see all information. US Post Office Delivery Timing, USPS services hours may vary based on provide services. It is very tiring to go post office and ask opening and closing hours. So you have another option to save your time. You can go on USPS site and know about Post office delivery hours. So It’s better to know the Post office hours before visiting any post office.

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USPS Post office Hours

If you want to about opening and closing timing of Post office please read here. You want to manage your all receiving mails and package please consider opening and closing timing of your post office. To find your post office opening and closing time, what you can do, you can use some tools and service and directly visit USPS site:

In Official sites of USPS, you can know about your proper timing address and delivery hours that would help to manage your receiving mails and package. So please have a look all the states of America and click on the state name and press enter then you will get your post office in that state. It is very easy to find opening and closing time and post office hours. It is not tiring, just you go on and click state name after that you will find all information regarding your post office hours. Please follow some step to find Post office delivery hours and click state name in which you are settling in then you will be redirected to a new page where you can see all information regarding with Post office opening and closing hours.

Find Business Hours for All U.S Post Office Locations By State Name

This tables provides you a list of all states of America and majors cities that you have around. You can know about Post office opening hours by state and city.  If you have no desire to search the Post office working Hours then please follow the various method that helps you to finding different-2 post office working hours. Please have a look.

How to find US Post office working Hours

The U.S Postal Service offers a location finder option or most important tool that you can easily find location and working hours of any post office. This tool is very easy to use. Using this tool you can get all information regarding Post office working Hours. It will help you in case when you don’t know the location of any post office. Let’s find out how you can use this tool to find locations and working hours.

Step1: You have to visit the Official site of USPS ( and select the location type or  “Find USPS Locations” under Mail & Ship category.

If you can choose any of the following location types:

  • Post Office and Approved Postal Providers
  • Post Offices
  • Approved Postal Providers
  • Self-Service Kiosks
  • Collection Boxes
  • Passports
  • Business Services
  • Pickup Services
  • Philatelic Services
  • Greeting Card Services

Step2: After selecting the location, you have to enter city and State and Zip code

Step3: After enter the city, State, Zip code, Please select the distance and you can search the post office within 1 to 100 miles

Step 4 :- After filling the 3 options click on search option

Now you can see all U.S Post office hours with location and proper working hours. This search result gives you favorite location that you search for. On the right hand side of the search result a map is also available, you can see the locations of the post offices there. You can also add some custom options through the “Refine Search” feature. You will see given options after clicking on the Refine Search.

  • Post Office
  • Contract Postal Units
  • Village Post Offices
  • National Retailers
  • Alternate Locations to Buy Stamps

Please select any option that is available here in our post.

Google Map

Google map is also provide a facility to find any location that you want. Using Google map, You can also find nearest post office. For check nearest location of USPS, So you can go to google map and search United State postal service and see the full list about post office. Here in Google map, you have to enter your own location and select the destination to find the route. Google map will provide a list where you can see the post office hours, phone number, review etc. You can use google map to find out Post office working and closing and opening hours.


You can use USPS App in your mobile and easily find location your nearest post office. This App provides a good feature and guide you to track your package, buy stamps, find locations, USPS timing schedule, Hold mail, change of address etc. This USPS app provides conveniences almost users.  This USPS mobile app is available for both android and iOS. If you want to download then click on the icon below.

Facts about Post office Hours:

So Guys! We can say that the United States Postal Service delivers only the Priority Mail Express items 365 days a year. All the rest mail items are delivered from Monday to Saturday. USPS delivers mail & packages even on the following days: Black Friday, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Tax Day.

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So, above is all details information about US Post Office Delivery Timing, USPS Service Hours, USPS Post Office Delivery timing details find out here. If you have any query just comment on below box. We will happy to help you.

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