How to Cancel/Modify USPS Mail Forwarding

By | April 25, 2021

Hi Users! If you are looking how to cancel or update USPS mail forwarding Please read this article. Here you will get to know whole process regarding with How to stop or cancel USPS mail Forwarding. United State Postal service is very famous in United States and it is an independent agency.

It provide a facility to US citizen to mail forward as your place. If you are shifting anywhere then United States postal service will provide you mail and package your changing address or new address. It is called as mail forwarding. If you are shifting your place, so receiving your mails, you have to inform all the agencies and services from whom you receive mail so all they can send your mail to your new or changing address. If you want to read about How to change address then please read here USPS change of Address. Here in this article, you can read fully details regarding change address. So guys! Here below section, I am going to tell you how to modify or Cancel USPS Mail forwarding.

Modify USPS Mail Forwarding

How to Cancel/Modify USPS Mail Forwarding

Do you know Guys! Most of people in United States change our location each year? So this create a tremendous challenge for the postal service, which describe to maintain a high-quality stored of current addresses. So it is very important to change the address move to another country. You can request for changing address at local post office using hard copy or online follow various option of mail forwarding. Please read this article briefly.

If you are shifting  or moving your place, so that is very important how we receive our mails, then please inform all the agencies and services from whom you receive mail so all they can send your mail to your new or changing address. If you want to read about How to change address then please read here USPS change of Address. Don’t worry guys! I tell you how to update and cancel mails so please have a look some option that is given below. Check More details – USPS Tracking, lost USPS Tracking Number.

Update Your USPS Mail Forwarding

If you want to Update and cancel your mail then you can do, it is very easy process. For this you have filled a form of change of Address to forward your mail. You have to cancel this order to stop mail forwarding. Here I have provided you some step please follow it.

How to cancel or Modify USPS Mail Forwarding

Find out all details information about Modify USPS Mail Forwarding find out here.

Step by Step Guide USPS Mail Forwarding

Step1: Visit the official site of USPS that is where you will see an option that is “change of Address” in menu “Track & manage”. You have to click on this option and wait until navigate that page.

Step2: After clicking the change of address option, you will redirect a new page. Now you have to  scroll down your page and you will see a line with a link where there is many option available like view, update or cancel a Change of Address order you already submitted, please Click on the link and after that a new page will open. You can also go to that page directly by clicking here.

Step3: After-that you have to  enter zip code of the forwarding address and confirmation code in first option which you have received while filling Change of Address form. when request comes online in the confirmation email, you have to replace the code. and placed the code from a paper form submitted personally to a post office on the confirmation document mailed to the forwarding address. Click the “Submit” button.

Step 4: please select cancel the change of address order option. After selecting cancel option print the confirmation information for the cancellation to have on record.

Step 5: Now you will be able to see all information on the screen. You can cancel or modify the information according to your desire. You can do following changes or updates by this option:

  • You can add a new email Address
  • You can set a reminder so that you can receive expiration date of mail forwarding
  • If you requested for a temporary move then you can also change your end date
  • Change your temporary move into permanent move.
  • You can also change your contact number.
  • Change your family move into individual move but here is one thing that you can’t switch individual move to family move.
  • Cancel your change of address or mail forwarding order etc.

By following above rule you will be able to update or cancel change of address order. But Guys I tell you important things that you should keep in mind, like if you want to edit some information which is not editable then you have to cancel this change of address order and file a new one. In that case information is not available here then you have to cancel this order and again file a new change of address order. If you have lost your confirmation code then in that case you have to visit your nearest post office and ask them to update the information for you, you can also ask them to cancel this mail forwarding order. Check More USPS details – US Post Office Delivery Timing, USPS Change of Address

So guys! This is some rules that you should follow if you want to cancel or update change of email address request. If you have a confirmation code, then you can do it online then there is no need to go the post office. If you have any query regarding this article please write comment in our comment Box  you can also like on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also share some information regarding this change of address or mail forwarding order.


Note: So Guys! I will tell you important point about it, you should keep in mind that you can’t modify more than two information a day. If you will try to update or modify the information more than two time then you will appear an alert box which shows error message that is “You have exceeded the amount of changes that you can make within the same day. Please try in 48 hours” Please keep visiting this website for better knowledge.

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